The Laws On Car Modification in the UK

So, you’ve fallen in love with car customisation and modification. You spend a lot of your time buying cars that are in bad condition. You restore them then customise and turn them into mean machines before selling them on.

Many young people enjoy customising their cars. It’s worth noting though that there are laws on what you can and can’t do with modifying cars in the UK.

Car Customisation

Customising a car is a fun pastime but it’s not fun if you break the law, end up with a fine or even worse have your car taken away.

Whatever modification you want to make to your car it would be wise to consult the UK traffic act to see where your proposed customisation fits in. You want to ensure that after the modification, the car is still seen as roadworthy and also compliant with the law.

Laws of course change all the time so make sure you check the traffic act anytime you decide to modify your car. 

Car Insurance Implications

Another important thing to note is making sure your insurance company is aware of any modifications that are made to your vehicle. These modifications may impact your insurance premium and failing to disclose this information may make your insurance policy void.

Let’s discuss some specific modifications and the impact they have with regard to the law.

Under car lights or neons seem to be a growing trend. They look fantastic at night but are they legal in the UK. Well, kind of. Some are and some aren’t. The laws and the rules on under-car neons are very strict so it would pay to seek additional advice on the matter.

Popular Car Customisations

Window tinting is another popular car customisation. Not only do tinted windows look sleek, but they can also protect from sun glare when the sun is low in the winter and keep out a lot of the sun’s heat in the Summer. Some window tints like very dark tints could be breaking the law.

There are actually different rules for window tints depending on whether it’s for the front, rear or side windows. Again, consult with a legal professional who understands the laws governing car customisation.

If there’s one thing that can turn heads, it’s the sound of a meaty exhaust as a car revs as it passes down the street. Big exhausts are another popular car modification choice.

Many car owners fear that their cars won’t pass their MOT with a big exhaust fitted. But, the size of the exhaust is not tested in an MOT, the technician will test for emissions not the exhaust’s size.

It is worth noting that many of the large bore exhausts are actually illegal in the UK so again be sure to check with a legal expert.

Young Drivers

Many young drivers like to be fancy with their number plates. If it’s a personal number plate you’re looking for then you’ll find that there are specific guidelines on what you can and can’t do.

Your best bet is to find a registered number plate provider who has a good understanding of the laws that govern number plates.

This will give you the peace of mind to browse their product selection with the knowledge that whatever number plate you purchase will comply with the laws.

As we’ve reiterated in this post, whatever modification you intend to make, check with a legal professional before you spend your hard-earned money or waste your time getting it all fitted.