Reasons To Tint Your Car’s Windows

Vehicle windows can often get very hot and cause more heat buildup inside the car. Tinted car windows block thermal rays and help keep you cool while driving without having to turn on the AC or fan.

Block Out Harmful UV Rays

To protect yourself and your children against these rays, you should use UV blocking window tint that blocks 99% of UV rays.

Reduce Fading of Upholstery

Bright sunlight is not just harmful for humans, but it can have negative effects on fabrics and car seats. Ultraviolet rays cause colour to fade quickly which means your upholstery will soon look very outdated. Tinting windows can be an expensive upfront investment, but it will save you the hassle of scrubbing windows clean in the future.

Increased Security

With a darker film on the window, it becomes harder for burglars to break in. While accidents can happen, you can be assured that even if a window manages to break (by having a lot of impact on it), shards will still stay attached to the film.

This is helpful because in the event of an accident where glass might be exposed, your window will stay in place. This lessens the chance of any injuries related to shards of glass and your car’s window is one of the hardest places for a thief to break into, which means they’ll try to smash your steering wheel instead.

If thieves know that they can’t see into your car, they will pass you by. Tinted windows will deter them.

You shouldn’t have to deal with glare. Visit us today to get your windows tinted and protect your eyes from the harmful effects of glare.

Increased privacy

Tinted windows allow you, your passengers, and your valuables the of privacy from outside viewers. They also protect the contents of a car from would-be thieves or nosey bystanders. The tinting also provides a sense of privacy for both the driver and their passengers while traveling in an car.

If you’d like to experience those benefits for your car, contact us today.